Le Ciel Flamand

A veteran brothel keeper in Belgium tries to keep her six-year-old daughter from discovering the details of the family business, in this quietly powerful film that asks us how far we would go to keep our children safe..

Original Title : Le Ciel Flamand
English Title : FLEMISH HEAVEN
Director : Peter Monsaert
Country : Belgium



English Title : First Born
Director : Carlos Leiva
Country : Chile



English Title : WHERE I GROW OLD
Director : Marilia Rocha
Country : Brazil/Portugal



Yo is a 2015 Mexican drama film, directed and written by Matías Meyer. The film stars Raúl Silva, as a young man, with limited mental skills. He says he is fifteen years old, although he seems to be older.

Original Title : YO
Director : Matias Meyer
Country : Mexico, Canada, Switzerland, Dominican Republic



A town protect two of its own from the military.

Original Title : EL AMPARO
Director : Rober Calzadilla
Country : Venezuela/Colombia



“Cinema Novo is a movie-essay that investigates poetically the most important movement of Latin America cinema, through the thoughts of its main auteurs: Nelson Pereira dos Santos, Glauber Rocha, Leon Hirszman, Joaquim Pedro de Andrade, Ruy Guerra, Walter Lima Jr., Paulo César Saraceni, among others” (Cannes Film Festival). Courtesy of Figa Film

Original Title : CINEMA NOVO
Director : Eryk Rocha
Country : Brazil


Zjednoczone stany miłości

Poland is experiencing its first euphoric year of freedom in 1990. When four apparently happy women of different ages decide it is time to change their lives, they fight to fulfill their happiness and desires.

Original Title : Zjednoczone stany miłości
English Title : United States of Love
Director : Tomasz Wasilewski
Country : Poland | Sweden


Ostatnia Rodzina

Original Title : Ostatnia Rodzina
English Title : The Last Family
Director : Jan P. Matuszyński
Country : Poland


Domaci Pece

Home Care is a 2015 Czech-Slovak drama film directed by Slávek Horák. The film was selected as the Czech entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards but it was not nominated.

Original Title : Domaci Pece
English Title : Home care
Director : Slavek Harak
Country : Czech Republic | Slovakia Republic


Original  Title : Hortensia
English Title : Hortensia
Director : Diego Lublinsky and Álvaro Urtizberea
Country :  Argentina


A doctor and his wife are having a family meal in Bucharest to mark the passing of his father when an argument about 9/11 breaks out and deteriorates into a settling of personal scores.

Original  Title : SIERANEVADA
Director : Cristi Puiu
Country :  Romania | France | Bosnia and Herzegovina | Croatia | Republic of Macedonia


Já, Olga Hepnarová

I, Olga Hepnarová is a 2016 Czech drama film, directed by Tomáš Weinreb and Petr Kazda, about Olga Hepnarová. She was a Czechoslovakian mass murderer, who on 10 July, 1973, killed eight people with a truck in Prague.

Original  Title : Já, Olga Hepnarová
English Title : I, Olga Hepnarová
Director : Tomáš Weinreb, Petr Kazda
Country :  Czech Republic | Poland | Slovakia | France


5 TO 9

5-ji Kara 9-ji Made: Watashi ni Koi Shita Obōsan is a 2015 Fuji TV Japanese television drama series, starring Satomi Ishihara and Tomohisa Yamashita in the lead roles. The drama is based on the manga series by Miki Aihara.

Original  Title : 5 TO 9
Director : Tay Bee Pin, Daisuke Miyazaki, Vincent Du, Rasiguet Sookkarn
Country :  Thailand


News from Planet Mars

Philippe Mars (François Damiens) is a pleasant 40-something whose meeting with a psychotic college friend who is in search of love profoundly changes his life.

Original  Title : News from Planet Mars
Director : Dominik Moll
Country :  France

    All of A sudden

Original Title : All of A sudden
Director : Alis Ozge
Country : Germany, Netherlands

    My heart is an Octopus or my father on the shore of black Sea

Original Title : My heart is an Octopus or my father on the shore of black Sea
Director : Neno Belchev
Country : Bulgaria


At the end of their tour of duty in Afghanistan, two young military women, Aurore and Marine, are given three days of decompression leave with their unit at a five-star resort in Cyprus, but it's not that easy to forget the war and leave it behind.

Original Title : VOIR DU PAYS
English Title : THE STOPOVER
Director : Delphine COULIN, Muriel COULIN
Country : France | Greece

    Louise en hiver 

Original Title : Louise en hiver
Director : Jean-François Laguionie
Country : France


A young American in Paris works as a personal shopper for a celebrity. She seems to have the ability to communicate with spirits, like her recently deceased twin brother. Soon, she starts to receive ambiguous messages from an unknown source.

Director : Olivier ASSAYAS
Country : France



Toshio hires his old acquaintance and ex-con Yasaka in his workshop. Soon, Yasaka begins to meddle in Toshio's family life.

Original Title : FUCHI NI TATSU
English Title : HARMONIUM
Director : KOJI FUKADA
Country : Japan



A portrait of Canadian novelist Nelly Arcan, whose work was radical and who led a life filled with risks.

Original Title : Nelly
Director : Anne Émond
Country : Canada



Original Title : Alba
Director : Ana Cristina Barragán
Country : Ecuador | Mexico | Greece


Los Modernos

Original Title : Los Modernos
English Title : The Moderns
Director : Mauro Sarser, Marcela Matta
Country : Uruguay


Ouzeri Tsitsanis

A Jewish girl and a Christian boy from Thessaloniki fall in love during the German occupation.

Original Title : Ouzeri Tsitsanis
English Title : Cloudy Sunday
Director : Manoussos Manoussakis
Country : Greece


Alma De Sant Pere

Original Title : Alma De Sant Pere
Director : Jarmo Lampela
Country : Finland


Ma révolution

Original Title : Ma révolution
English Title : My Revolution
Director : Ramzi Ben Sliman
Country : France


X Quinientos

Original Title : X Quinientos
English Title : X-500
Director : Juan Andrés Arango
Country : Canada | Colombia | Mexico


Jacqueline Argentine

An experimental filmmaker is contacted by a woman who has information concerning an assassination that is about to take place.

Original Title : Jacqueline Argentine
Director : Bernardo Britto
Country : USA

    Einer von uns

Original Title : Einer von uns
English Title : One of Us
Director : Stephan Richter
Country : Austria


El Pastor

Original Title : El Pastor
English Title : The Shepherd
Director : Jonathan Cenzual Burley
Country : Spain



Original Title : Laut
English Title : Laut
Director : Luisito Lagdamoe
Country : Philippines



Original Title : Siphayo
English Title : Dismay
Director : Joel Lamangan
Country : Philippines


Gente de bien

Eric movies in with his father, a man he barely knows, and they have trouble bonding until Maria takes Eric under her wing.

Original Title : Gente de bien
English Title : Good people
Director :
Country : Colombia


La tierra y la sombra 

Land and Shade is a 2015 Colombian drama film written and directed by César Augusto Acevedo and produced by the production company Burning Blue.

Original Title : La tierra y la sombra
English Title : Land and Shade
Director :
Country : Colombia



Rosa's children will do anything to bail their parents out of jail after they are busted by corrupt cops

Original  Title : MA’ROSA
Director : Brillante Mendoza
Country :  Philippines


Icheri Sheher

Original  Title : Icheri Sheher
English Title :  Inner City
Director : Ilgar Safat
Country :  Azerbaijan



Original  Title : Valderama
Director : Abbas Amini
Country :  Iran


Original  Title : Interrogation
Director :  Erez Pery
Country :  Israel


Malaria is a 2016 Iranian drama film written and directed by Parviz Shahbazi. It world premiered in the Horizons section at the 73rd edition of the Venice Film Festival. It later won the Grand Prix at the 2016 Warsaw International Film Festival

Original  Title : Malaria
English Title : Malaria
Director :  Parviz Shahbazi
Country :  Iran



Original  Title : DUET
Director :  Navid DANESH
Country :  Iran


Xi He

Original  Title : Xi He
English Title : Destiny
Director :  Zhang Wei
Country :  China



Glory is a 2016 Bulgarian-Greek drama film written and directed by Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov

Original  Title : Glory
English Title : Slava
Director :  Kristina Grozeva, Petar Valchanov
Country :  Bulgaria/ Greece


Nhung Du’a con cua lang

Original Title : Nhung Du’a con cua lang
English Title : The Children of the Village
Director : Nguyen Duc Viet
Country : Vietnam


Toi thay hoa vang tren co xanh

After and act of violence leaves his brother Tuong paralyzed, Thieu discovers the true meaning of brotherhood.

Original Title : Toi thay hoa vang tren co xanh
English Title : Yellow Flowers on Green Grass
Director : Victor Vu
Country : Vietnam


Tren dinh binh yen

Original Title : Tren dinh binh yen
English Title : On the peaceful peak
Director : Nguyen Huu Muoi
Country : Vietnam


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