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Set against the turbulent atmosphere of the 1960s, the film is a feature length documentary exploring the Brazilian artistic movement known as Tropicália, and the struggle its artists endured to protect their right to freely express revolutionary thought against the traditional Brazilian music of that time.

Director’s Biography
Marcelo Machado began his career in 1981 when he launched the Electronic Video Look. He co-directed Marly Normal with Fernando Meirelles, an experimental video that awarded the 1st Brazil’s Video Festival. As a true blue fan of music traditions and, connoisseur of Brazilian culture, he always took these subjects as the topics of his documentaries. After working for several years in TV (including music channels), he is working as an independent director and, producer and, has been producing number of award winning documentaries, and programmes for TV.

Director : Marcelo Machado
Producer : Paula Cosenza, Denise Gomes
Cast : Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso
Screenplay  : Vaughn Glover , Marcelo Machado , Di Moretti
Cinematographer : Eduardo Piagge
Editor : Oswaldo Santana
Sound designer : François Wolf
Music by : Alexandre Kassin
Production Company : Bossa Nova Films
ACIE Awards, Brazil
Cinema Brazil Grand Prize
Rotterdam International Film Festival
São Paulo Association of Art Critics Awards
Original Title  : Tropicália
English Title  : Tropicalia
Language : Portuguese
Country  : Brazil | USA | UK
Year : 2012
Runtime  : 87 min
Type (colour/ black & white) : Colour | Black and White

Director’s Filmography
Tropicália (documentary)
Ginga (documentary)
Olhar Eletrônico (documentary)
Marly Normal


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