The Nothing Factory

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25th January 2018

One night, a group of workers realizes that their administration has organized the stealing of machines from their factory. They soon understand that this is the first signal of a massive layoff. Most of them refuse to cooperate during the individual negotiations and they start to occupy their workplace. So when the administration vanishes to their great surprise, they’re left with a half-empty factory... As the world around them collapses, new desires start to emerge.

Director’s Biography
Pedro Pinho studied Cinema in Lisbon and Paris. In 2008 he co-directed with Frederico Lobo the documentary feature Bab Sebta (Prize Marseille Esperance award at FID MARSEILLE’08,Best Film at Doclisboa and Forum Doc Bh. The End Of The World (2013) is his first medium-length fiction film ad it was screened at the 63rd Berlinale, Indielisboa, and Festival Do Rio. Currently he works as a director, writer and producer. The Nothing Factory is his first fiction feature.

Director  : Pedro Pinho
Producer : Tiago Hespanha, Luisa Homem, João Matos,Susana Nobre , Leonor Noivo , Pedro Pinho
Cast : Carla Galvão, Daniele Incalcaterra, Hermínio Amaro, Joaquim Bichana Martins, José Smith Vargas, Njamy Sebastião
Screenplay  : Tiago Hespanha, Luisa Homem , Leonor Noivo, Pedro Pinho , Jorge Silva Melo
Cinematographer : Vasco Viana
Editor : Edgar Feldman , Luisa Homem , Cláudia Oliveira
Sound  : João Gazua
Production Company : Terratreme Filmes
World Sales  : Memento Films International
Cannes Film Festival 2017 - FIPRESCI Prize
CPH PIX 2017
Mar del Plata Film Festival 2017 Cut if not fitting in design.
Munich Film Festival 2017 Cut if not fitting in design.
Toronto International Film Festival 2017
Original Title  : A Fábrica de Nada
English Title  : The Nothing Factory
Language : Portuguese | French
Country  : Portugal
Year : 2017
Runtime : min 176
Type (colour/ black & white) : Colour

Director’s Filmography
The Nothing Factory
As Cidades e as Trocas (Documentary)
Um fim do mundo
Bab Sebta (Documentary)