The Son of Snow Queen

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A seven-year-old Marcin , yearing for love and warmth, escapes into a land of fictitious characters of Hans Christian Andersen’s tales thanks to retired writer, Kazimierz. There, hidden in fantasy from the reality which he is unable to deal with for different reasons, he feels safe. His mother Anna in her twenties, raises him alone, barely making ends meet. She has two full-time jobs to afford renting a room from Zofia and to earn a living. Struggling with the mundane, under pressure from her environment, she fails to notice the most important things in file. When she meets Kamil, a hope of a better future appears. Only, will Anna, who tries to please the modern temptation-filled world, choose the right path?
A blend of drama and modern fable where good fights evil.

Director’s Biography
Director, screenwriter and producer. Graduate of the University of Gdańsk, The Łódż Film School and the Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts in Krakow. Author of music videos, commercials, TC series and much-awarded documentaries (In the Shadow of K2 won the Award of the Jury at the Mountaineering Film Festival 2004 in Cieplice, whereas Tears of Champions-a special Mention at the Milano International FICT Fest 2001).In 2006 he made his debut with a feature-length film The French Trick (the Golden Grenade at the Polish Comedy Film Festival 2006 in Lubomierz)

Director : Robert Wichrowski
Producer : Piotr Mikołajczak
Cast : Maciej Bożek, Robert Czebotar, Rafal Fudalej, Michalina Olszańska, Franciszek Pieczka, Anna Seniuk, Ewa Szykulska
Screenplay : Pawel Sala , Robert Wichrowski
Cinematographer : Miroslaw Brożek
Production Company  : URSA MAJOR
World Sales  : KONDRAT-MEDIA SP. Z O.O.
World Sales Phone : +48 663 351 962
World Sales Email : Paulina Olczyk , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Original Title  : Syn Królowej Śniegu
English Title  : The Son of Snow Queen
Language : Polish
Country  : Poland
Year : 2017
Runtime  : 85 min
Type (colour/ black & white) : Colour
Music By : Piotr Mikołajczak

Director’s Filmography
Director selected films
2000 Łzy Mistrzów (document)/Tears Of Champions(documentary)
2003 W cieniu K2 (document)/In the Shadow of K2(documentary)
2006 Francuski Nuner / The French Trick
2014 Karuzela / Merry-Go-Round
2017 Syn Królowej Śniegu / The Son of Snow Queen



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