The Black Crow

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Sara, who left her own country Iran without permission of her parents when she was a teenager, is an actress in Paris, France. She receives a letter from Iran and she wants to go to her village. The best way to do this is to pass Turkish border (illegally) which is full of danger.

Director’s Biography
Tayfur Aydin was born in Bitlis, in 1981. He directed his first short length film named Sen Olmak(To Be Her) in 2007. Iz (rêç) which he wrote and directed in 2011 is his first full length film. His films are Iz-Rec, Ic Ses, Yasak Elma (the Forbidden Apple) ,Esikte, Icimdeki Mezar (the Ground in Me),Sen Olmak (To Be Her) which are awarded with worldwide prizes.

Director : Tayfur Aydin
Producer : Muslum Aydin
Cast : Sebnem Hassanisoughi, Sedat Culum, Ayhan Eren
Screenplay  : Tayfur Aydin
Cinematographer : Emre Konuk
Editor : Selim Demirdelen
Production Company  : Mta Film
Chennai Film Festival
Rode Tulp Film Festival
Istanbul Film Festival
Bogazici Film Festival
Original Title  : Siyah Karga
English Title  : The Black Crow
Language : Kurdish | Turkish | English | Persian
Country  : Turkey
Year : 2016
Runtime  : 98 min
Type (colour/ black & white) : Colour
Music Composer : Selim Demirdelen
Director’s Filmography
Siyah Karga
Iz (rêç)
Yasak Elma
Sen Olmak


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