The Bomb

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Pipo is forty years old. To make ends meet, he has to take the worst and the hardest job without complaint. He must support himself and Cyril, a teenage lover. The girl and work are the only things left in his life. He fights with an unfriendly boss every day, and recently he has also fought with Ben, a childhood friend who wants to get Cyril back, his daughter. Pipo has lived under stress as long as he remembers. He is like a ticking bomb. Recent events make him literally seconds away from explosion.

Director’s Biography
Ralston G. Jover hails from Manila, where he attended Creative Writing and Film Studies at the Mowelfund Film Institute. His first big break came in 2006 when he wrote Kubrador (The Bet Collector), tackling the gambling menace called jueteng in the Philippines. In 2009, he directed BAKAL BOYS (CHILDREN METAL DIVERS), which reveals social condition of poor children diving for scrap metals in Manila Bay. It received Best Film Prizes in Vancouver, Torino, Barcelona and Lyon. It also garnered Best Screenplay Award in Thessaloniki. BAKAL BOYS became the most awarded Filipino film of 2009.

Director  : Ralston Jover
Producer : Dennis C. Evangelista ... executive producer / producer, Ferdinand Lapuz
Cast : Allen Dizon, Angeli Nicole Sanoy, Allan Paule
Screenplay  : Ralston Jover ... (story) (as Ralston Gonzales Jover)
Dennis C. Evangelista ... (story)
Ralston Jover ... (screenplay) (as Ralston Gonzales Jover)
Cinematographer : Pipo Domagas
Editor : Jess Navarro
Sound Department : Albert Michael Idioma
Music by : Emerzon Texon
Production Company : ATD Entertainment, Heaven's Best Entertainment
Production Designer : Harley Alcasid
Original Title  : Bomba
English Title  : The Bomb
Language : Tagalog
Country : Philippines
Year : 2017
Runtime  : 94 min
Type (colour/ black & white) : Colour
Director’s Filmography
The Bomb
Magdarame: To Suffer with Him (Documentary)
The Dog Show
Children Metal Divers
Marlon (Documentary)


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