Qiao Qiao

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Ciao Ciao, an arrogant young Chinese woman, returns to visit her parents in her hometown village, nestled in the heart of the mountains. She wants to return to Canton as soon as possible to set up a business with her friend Li Li. However, her parents ask her to stay to help them, but she hesitates.

Director’s Biography
Song Chuan is a director and writer, known for Ciao Ciao (2017), Huan Huan (2012) and What a Beautiful Voice: Gospel Movie (2017).

Director : Chuan Song
Producer : Guillaume De La Boulay (Zorba Production), Vincent Wang (House On Fire)
Screenplay : Chuan SONG
Production Company : CNC Cinema du Monde
Original Title : Qiao Qiao
English Title : Ciao Ciao
Country : China
Year : 2014
Runtime : 83min
Language  : Mandarin
Colour : colour

Director’s Filmography
2017 Ciao Ciao
2012 Huan Huan



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