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Liliana Pereira is returning to her country. There she will have to confront a past which meant persecution, imprisonment and the loss of custody of her son.
A victim with other women of systematic violence, Liliana must choose between what her heart demands and what her conscience dictates.

Director’s Biography
Manane Rodriguez was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. In 1975, during the onset of military dictatorship, she left her country and, after a brief spell in Argentina, settled in Spain. She began her professional career in Madrid and in 1990 directed her first short film, COFFEE SET. Her films The Lost Step, and Woman Portrait’s With Man In The Background have been well received and awarded in Festival Circuits.

Director  : Manane Rodríguez
Producer : Xavier Bermúdez, Cecilia Ibáñez
Cast : Cecilia Roth, Justina Bustos, Quique Fernández
Screenplay : Manane Rodríguez, Xavier Bermúdez
Cinematographer : Diego Romero
Editor : Sandra Sánchez
Sound : Daniel López
Music by : Costume Designer, Alba Cuesta
Production Company
RCI Producciones
Xamalú Filmes
Axencia Galega das Industrias Culturais (AGADIC)
Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales (ICAA)
Original Title  : Migas De Pan
English Title  : Breadcrumbs
Language : Spanish
Country  : Spain  | Uruguay
Year : 2016
Runtime  : 110 min
Type (colour/ black & white) : Colour
Selected Filmography
Woman portrait’s with man in the background
The Lost Steps
A Tale for Olivia


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