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Arvind, a retired widower, lives along in his apartment in Pune. He follows a routine that includes video chatting with his children and grandchildren in America. One day, Arvind has a nasty fall in the bathroom. Though he's fine, his children insist that he moves to the USA. With a heavy, Arvind agrees. As he packs his belongings, he comes across an old letter remainding him of some unfinished business.

Director's Biography
Winner of Multiple State, and a National Awards, Gajendra Ahire is a multi talented director working in Marathi industy. Humans and their personal relationships, their struggle with outside world and, complex situations are prominently seen in his films. Till date, he has directed more than 40 films while writing all them. His films-Not only Mrs. Raut, Shevri, Anumati and the Silence have been screened at various festivals in India and, abroad and won many awards.

Director : Gajendra Ahire
Producer : Supriya Sunil Phadtare
Cast : Dilip Prabhavalkar, Priya Bapat, Kishore Kadam, Vrinda Gajendra, Alok Rajwade, Sakhi Gokhale
Screenplay : Gajendra Ahire
Cinematographer : Krishna Kumar Soren
Editor : Kutab Inamdar
Music : Narenfra Bhide
Production designer : Rohan Shah
Production Company : Blackberry Movies
World Sales : Arpan Bhukhanwala
Festivals :

Director's Filmography
The Silence, Bioscope, Anumati, Postcard, Sumbaran, Shevri, Vitthal Vitthal


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