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Binodini, 25 a young widow stays in a widow ashram with Kaushalya, 55 and sees Dev, 30 for the first time and remembers that he was the man she was going to be married with, a few years back. Now he stands there married to another woman, Aparna, 25. Her curiosity leads her to not only become close friends with her but getting to know some of the most intimate details about the couple. Binodini, in her new found curiosity of sexual desire and the jealousy of not having what the couple seem to passionately have, finds a way to entice the husband into falling in love with her while deliberately causing distance between the already existing couple. When reciprocated by the man she realizes she will always remain the other woman in their life

Run time : 15:30
Country : India
College/Institute Name : Whistling Woods International


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