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Xiangzi is a taxi driver in Beijing, he loves his job, he has nothing much but works really hard for a better life. Xiangzi has his dinner every day at Yueling cafe which located at Jingshun Road. It seems Xiangzi is a bit confused today since Sijie says she needs to have a “seriouse” talk with him. Sijie, who is a smart, competent and beautiful lady, she is also the owner of the cafe. Sijie feels herself fell in love with Xiangzi, therefore, she pushed him to make a final choice between their relationship and and his job....actually she already plotted out a future for both of them secretly in heart.Today, Xiaomei hired Xiangzi’s taxi home at late night after work in a bar. It was a very despair and sad night to her. She was kicked out from home by her cheating boyfriend just after experiencing a bullying behaviour from her lustful boss in Xiangzi's taxi on the way home. Xiaomei felt hopeless and had nowhere to go, so she decided to end her own life by jumping down from the pedestrian bridge. However, Xiaomei’s suicidal behaviour was stopped by Xiangzi. At the meanwhile of giving comfort and encouragement to Xiaomei by telling her his own experience in past years since the very start time he camein Beijing, Xiangzi feels the decision is coming up in mind clearer and clear for his future.

Run time : 27:42
Country : China
College/Institute Name : BFA - Beijing Film Academy


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